Everyday Life

It’s FOMO Season

It's the end of June. That means that for a while now, it has been wedding season, graduation season, job-getting season, and the general season when successful people do their most successful things of the year. If you're like me, then you're obsessively--if mindlessly, without knowing how you got there--checking Facebook all day long to… Continue reading It’s FOMO Season


Our Lady of Fatima: Why Portugal?

1917 was not an easy year for the world. The nations were in the midst of the largest and most horrific conflict the world had yet seen: World War I. The present—and the future—looked bleak. Portugal in 1917 Caught up in the drama was the nation of Portugal, a small country to the west of… Continue reading Our Lady of Fatima: Why Portugal?


My Name’s Not Rebecca

In a classic episode of Spongebob Squarepants--a show that has been very important to my development as a human being--Spongebob and his best friend, Patrick, compete against each other in the most important sporting event of their lives: the Fry Cook Games. It is a fierce competition, despite the fact that we know that in his… Continue reading My Name’s Not Rebecca


Being the Crowd in the Passion Reading

When I was younger, right up until about this year, I felt really uncomfortable with the Passion Gospel in the liturgy on Palm Sunday and Good Friday. There are the obvious reasons for this, namely, the betrayal, abuse, and crucifixion of Jesus. The Gospel in these liturgies--fittingly--does not end with the Resurrection, and so even… Continue reading Being the Crowd in the Passion Reading


Stations of the Cross in a way I’ve never experienced

I'm not good at praying the Stations of the Cross. It's kind of a surprising thing. One of my favorite things about the Catholic faith is uniting suffering with Jesus on the cross, which leads to the really revolutionary concept that suffering can be redemptive. Conceptually, I can think about Jesus's pain and subsequent conquering of… Continue reading Stations of the Cross in a way I’ve never experienced